Introduction of Co-founders

President・CEO Yasunori Sugii

Yasunori Sugii
He was involved in the early stage of the commercial internet business and was widely in charge of different Web and IT businesses. Some of the companies he worked for were So-net, Usen, NTT-X, Cybird, ZAPPALLAS. He worked as a producer and director in all these companies and was in charge of the planning and development of the internet media businesses, digital content businesses EC and distribution platforms. Now, as a founder representative of PONQ Co. Ltd he is using his experience gained in the EC distribution support businesses, digital content distribution businesses and startup experience to make a new start with this company.

Director・CMO Miyuki Ito

After working as a shop manager in different restaurants, her love to animals drove her to start her own online pet goods shop.In 2006, she came to Tokyo and used her experience to work as an EC consultant and startup advisor. She received an award consecutively in 4 years as a “Dream Gate Advisor”. She is also a representative of several companies such as web media companies, EC consulting companies. Furthermore, she is also an executive board member of EC related associations and currently holds seminars and conferences all over Japan. Also one of the cofounders of PONQ Co. Ltd.

Company executive Toyo Kaneda

Toyo Kaneda
Working as a designer, his records were highly recognized at the advertising sales and marketing department. As a result, he was selected as Chief administrator in the distribution business and worked on forming alliances between manufacturers and distribution companies. After starting his own company(Fabless), he focused on the development of smartphones for business purposes and electronic tablets with an original design. He directly visited manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan. There he was in charge of the acquisition of import purchase certification business dealing. Throughout this experience, he gained knowledge in hardware distribution. He is an executive member in PONQ Co. Ltd.

Company executive

Ryuichi Takahata

Ryuichi Takahata

After working in The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited, he worked as a consultant in Shanghai and Hong Kong. In 2004 he established an academy named STEP academy and engaged in education and consulting. He graduated from the the faculty of economics in Waseda university and an MBA from Cornell University.

Masazumi Robert Kondo

Born in San Francisco, US. Joined The Industrial Bank of Japanese bank and attained a Master of Business Administration from Cornell University. In 1998, he established a publishing company called Resonance. In 2012, he was appointed as the chairman of the executive committee of Japan Car of the Year. He is currently in charge of finance